Saw 3 movie poster

Saw 3 Poster

Saw 3 movie poster
Saw 3 teaser poster

First Look at Saw III Teaser Poster

We just received the first Saw 3 teaser poster for the upcoming Lionsgate horror film sequel Saw 3.

It’s no secret that is a big fan of the previous Saw one-sheets. Continuing with a variation of the “body parts” poster theme from the previous Saw campaigns, this “Meth Mouth” teaser poster key art incorporates the three (remaining) teeth of the victim as the numeral stand-in for the “3” in the Saw 3 poster title treatment. While this Saw III poster may not have quite the same dark wit as the two fingers of the banned Saw II movie poster, anything invoking the thought of dental torture certainly raises the stakes in creepiness. We also enjoyed the poster’s “Opening Wide this Halloween” copy line. The Saw 3 movie poster was created by Art Machine — the film ad agency that designed the previous Saw movie poster campaigns.

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