Drew Struzan Oeuvre movie poster book

Drew Struzan: Oeuvre

New Drew Struzan movie poster art book

For the holidays, Titan Books sent us a copy of their new Drew Struzan: Oeuvre book about the movie poster illustrator. Featuring the artwork of Drew Struzan and … Read More...

The Art of Drew Struzan book

The Art of Drew Struzan

Drew Struzan Movie Poster Coffee Table Book

Just in time for the trailer for Drew: The Man Behind the Poster documentary covering the poster illustration work of Drew Struzan and his new poster artwork for … Read More...

Inglourious Basterds movie poster

Inglourious Movie Poster Illustration

Unused Inglourious Basterds movie poster art

Illustrator James Goodridge shares a completed (and unused) illustration he created for a proposed Inglourious Basterds movie poster. As one of the few traditional illustrators working in Hollywood, James … Read More...

Bob Peak: Father of The Modern Hollywood Poster

Bob Peak Movie Poster Exhibition

Bob Peak: Father of The Modern Hollywood Poster

The Gallery Nucleus in Southern California is hosting an exhibition of movie poster key art created by legendary artist Bob Peak. The Bob Peak: Father of The … Read More...

No Country for Old Hen parody movie poster

One Letter Off

March 14, 2009posterwireDesign, Posters0 Photoshop Contest posted their latest movie poster theme Photoshop contest, known as One Letter Off. Billed as “Not quite the movies you know”, the contest rules are fairly simple, but set the stage … Read More...

Bollywood Painters

Personal Bollywood Movie Poster

Commissioned Hand-Painted Bollywood Poster

Dave Prager, of the weblog Our Delhi Struggle, details the interesting story of how he sought out a Bollywood poster painter living near Old Delhi (India) to commission a Bollywood-style movie … Read More...

Art of the Modern Movie Poster book

Art of the Modern Movie Poster

Movie Poster Coffee Table Book

Just in time for the holidays we managed to get our hands on a review copy of the coffee table book Art of the Modern Movie Poster: International Postwar Style … Read More...

Terminator Salvation movie poster

Animated Terminator Salvation Poster

December 11, 2008posterwireMarketing, Posters6

Terminating Print Media

Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. have released an online animated Terminator Salvation movie poster, which the studio is calling a motion poster. From the official synopsis for T4:

In the highly

My Best Friend's Girl movie poster

Dane Cook: Movie Poster Critic

August 14, 2008posterwirePosters5

Dane Cook Hates My Best Friend’s Girl poster

In what may turn into an on-going series of celebrities critiquing the movie poster campaigns from their own projects (see director Frank Darabont on The Mist poster), … Read More...

Grindhouse movie poster

2008 Key Art Award Winners

Movie Poster Award Winners

The Hollywood Reporter’s 37th Annual Key Art Awards were presented June 13th during a ceremony hosted by actor-comedian Jeff Garlin. Highlights of the 2008 Key Art Awards included a “Best in … Read More...

Black Snake Moan movie poster

2008 Key Art Awards Nominations

Movie Poster Award Nominees

The Hollywood Reporter has announced the nominees for The 37th Annual Key Art Awards. The 2008 Key Art Awards will honor achievements in movie marketing in different categories including film posters, … Read More...

Army of Darkness movie poster

Translating Hollywood

Foreign Movie Posters

Sam Sarowitz (owner of our favorite movie poster art gallery Posteritati) is releasing a new book called Translating Hollywood. The poster book takes a look at the different foreign movie posters for … Read More...

The Mist DVD poster

Frank Darabont on Movie Poster Art

Frank Darabont Interview video

Director Frank Darabont’s horror movie The Mist (based on the Stephen King novella) was recently released on DVD. In the film, actor Thomas Jane plays a movie poster illustrator, which has … Read More...

Raiders of the Lost Ark movie poster

Richard Amsel

The Art & Artistry of Richard Amsel

To honor the premiere of the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull teaser trailer, we wanted to direct everyone to a new online article … Read More...

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

John Alvin

RIP John Alvin: 1948-2008

Famed movie poster illustrator John Alvin has passed away. Here is a statement from his family courtesy of IMPAwards:

We mourn the loss of JOHN ALVIN.

From Blade Runner to E.T …

The Savages movie poster

Movie Poster of the Year

The best movie poster of 2007

We came very close to declaring there was no “best” Movie Poster of the Year for 2007. Our annual pick for the best one-sheet for the year was coming … Read More...

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie poster

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Drew Struzan Indiana Jones teaser poster

Famed movie poster illustrator Drew Struzan returns to the warm embrace of his long-time client Lucasfilm with the release of the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the … Read More...

Hitman movie poster

Packing Heat

November 26, 2007posterwireOutdoor, Posters4

Revealing Hitman Subway Poster

Hitman is the new movie based on the video game franchise of the same name. Timothy Olyphant stars as Agent 47, a barcoded assassin who becomes involved in a Russian political … Read More...

Wall-E movie poster

Short Circuits

October 22, 2007posterwirePosters, Teasers4

Who is Wall-E?

In the new Pixar animated film WALL-E, Earth has been overrun with trash, mankind has left, and the last remaining robot still continues his lonely duty of cleaning up the garbage.

The …

The Brave One movie poster

Reading Between the Lines

September 6, 2007posterwireMarketing, Posters3

Visual Demographics

With so much talk of sex scandals and secret “gay signals” in the news lately, it is interesting to see how Hollywood (via the movie poster) has been marketing a few recent films … Read More...


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