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November 8, 2005posterwirePosters, Teasers0
King Kong teaser poster

King Kong movie teaser poster

King Kong Teaser Poster

After a few leaked images, one of the first teaser posters for the upcoming King Kong remake has finally been revealed. Universal has timed the release of this one-sheet to coincide with the latest King Kong theatrical trailer.

King Kong 1949 movie poster

King Kong 1949 movie poster

As for a reaction to the new King Kong teaser poster itself — it really depends on how excited and/or impressed you are by seeing a high resolution digital image of the CGI King Kong himself. It does feel a bit like “look how hard we worked” — every digital hair seems to be just so.

Personally, we are hoping that the rest of the key art campaign of the film might try to re-imagine some of the original King Kong posters. (Which isn’t out of the question, since director Peter Jackson has made very clear his affection for the original film, including setting his version back in the same time period.)

Of course, the 1976 King Kong poster has it’s share of fans as well.

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