The Scariest Movie Poster Ever

Abby movie poster

Abby movie poster

Blaxploitation Horror Movie Poster

In honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday, it seems appropriate to post a few horror film posters this week. Our first horror one-sheet is what we like to consider The Scariest Movie Poster Ever.

The 1974 film Abby is the story of a female marriage counselor who marries and becomes possessed by an evil spirit — the Demon of Sexuality. The film, by exploitation producer Samuel Z. Arkoff and director Willam Gridler, was reportedly to be titled The Blackorcist. (Not surprisingly, the film was the subject of a lawsuit by the film studio Warner Bros. as being a rip-off of The Exorcist.)

As for the Abby movie poster itself, when you mix such a strange and scary image of actress Carol Speed with a few great low budget genres (Blaxplotation and Horror), it’s hard not to take notice. (This movie poster is also yet another example of the “Big Heads Floating in the Sky” movie poster layout cliche. Or in this case, a “Big Head Possessed by a Demon Floating in the Sky on Fire” film poster layout.)

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  1. ErickOctober 26, 2005 at 4:34 PMReply

    Oh c’mon you gotta be kidding. Do you really think this poster is the scariest???? Is it a joke? This design is a big piece of garbage! I’m a graphic designer and I can’t believe your comments.

  2. adminOctober 26, 2005 at 7:17 PMReply

    I think you might be missing the point — we’re talking about The Scariest Movie Poster Ever, not The Best Designed Poster Ever. This is just an example of crazy horror Blaxplotation goodness.

    But, being that you are a “graphic designer” we welcome any of your (or anyone else’s) suggestions for scary movie posters. ;)

  3. ErickOctober 28, 2005 at 6:43 PMReply

    But of course we’re talking about The Scariest Movie Poster Ever; it’s just that when I saw it, I didn’t know if I wanna laugh or cry. The design sucks!

    Now, The Scariest Movie Poster Ever uhmmm… How about the Saw Campaign? The foot and the hand… Terrific design!

  4. adminOctober 28, 2005 at 7:15 PMReply

    Well, looking at “Abby” on that poster really creeps me out. Which is hard to do for a one-sheet. Hence it’s our pick. They’ll be more Halloween themed posters to follow.

  5. MattNovember 8, 2005 at 12:52 AMReply

    OH I LOVE IT. That’s creepily hilariously WONDERFUL. Been reading here for awhile, and this is the BEST thing you’ve posted yet —
    I laughed until I nearly cried. Thanks for that!!
    – another “graphic designer”

  6. BenDecember 20, 2005 at 3:42 PMReply

    Okay, I know I’m pretty late in posting to this, but I have to say: that really looks like Nick Cave.

  7. KurtDecember 23, 2005 at 9:24 AMReply

    Looks a lot like Benicio Del Toro in a wig.

  8. ChuckJanuary 21, 2006 at 12:02 PMReply

    I actually remember this poster when the film originally came out back in the day! Not only do I agree with Matt that it’s “creepily hilariously WONDERFUL”,.. but also concur with Kurt’s asertion that it looks like “Benicio Del Toro with a wighat on!” has anyone actually seen the film? It’s a real riot, man! Actress/star Carol Speed is still holding it down today at her website “Carol Speed’s Web Den”. Checkher AND the film out. As her caracter exclaims in the movie; “Time for Abby to LIVE!!!”

  9. Man’s Best Friend? « » the movie poster weblogJanuary 28, 2010 at 2:48 PMReply

    […] we spoke too soon when we posted The Scariest Movie Poster Ever for this past Halloween. How does the idea of a movie poster featuring a dog with human eyes grab […]

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