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Movie Poster Sells Tickets via Cellphone

Korean cellphone provider SK Telecom has introduced a new service that allows people to walk up to a movie poster and use their cell phone to purchase movie theater tickets via the poster itself:

SK Telecom presented ‘U-theater service’ that allows people to get movie tickets by scanning RFID tag attached on the movie poster with their cell phones. They can view short movie highlight video clips, reserve seats at a cinema, download movie soundtrack for ring-tone and etc. If you purchase a ticket, you receive a confirmation number through SMS and there is no need for extra ticket printing process.

This interactive poster via mobile phone idea has been around for a while — in many countries, users can download trailers and other digital content to their mobile phone from posters and other outdoor advertising.

Access to this type of technology is not as widely available in the United States when compared to Europe and Asia. For that, you can thank American cellphone providers for “carrier locking” the types of technology, content, and access in the U.S. marketplace. However, the U.S. may catch up eventually.