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The Goonies movie poster

The Goonies movie poster

Movie Poster art in newspaper ads

If you want to see where a good chunk of a film’s print marketing budget goes, open up a major newspaper like the Calendar section the Los Angeles Times. There you will see all the film releases battle for your movie going plans. Their biggest weapon: “critic quotes” proclaiming things along the lines of: “If you see one movie this year, see…”

These newspaper ads can include quotes from well-known film critics, unknown “quote whores“, and even fake movie reviewers. The ads also offer what you’re really looking for: movie showtimes for your local movie theatre megaplex.

The Goonies newspaper ads

The Goonies newspaper ads artwork

With all these newspaper ads, which are changed from week-to-week, a film’s original key art can grow a bit stale.That’s why film studios sometimes modify existing key art or generate new art just for newspaper ads (also known as ad slicks). For example, compare the original The Goonies movie poster art illustrated by Drew Struzan to the variations he generated for The Goonies newspaper ads.

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  2. Derek MinerJanuary 22, 2006 at 11:43 AMReply

    Very cool. I always remembered seeing an ad for Goonies in the paper that showed the characters in a different order. And now they’re all here to be seen. Where on earth was this found?

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