1941 movie poster

Uncle Sams

1941 movie poster

Hollywood Wants You

In honor of the 4th of July holiday, lets discuss two distinctly American things: Uncle Sam …and ripping off his image to sell movie tickets. (Or rather, pay “homage” … Read More...

The Bad News Bears 1976 movie poster

The Bad News Bears

The Bad News Bears 1976 movie poster

Remaking the Bears

For the upcoming 2005 remake of The Bad News Bears, film studio Paramount went with an interesting illustration of Billy Bob Thornton and the … Read More...

Star Wars A New Hope movie poster

A New Hope

Star Wars style D movie poster

Star Wars Style D “Circus” Poster

With this week’s release of the final Star Wars film, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, we wanted to take some time this … Read More...

Jaws movie poster

Killer Shark

Jaws movie poster

The Jaws of Seiniger

With the recent announcement of another Jaws Special Edition DVD release of the Steven Spielberg classic film, Guido Henkel of DVD Review notes the Jaws DVD cover design … Read More...

Super Fly movie poster

Super Type

Super Fly movie poster

Type designer Ed Benguiat

Master typographer Ed Benguiat is one of the most important font and logo designers in the modern era of design and publishing. He has created the lettering … Read More...

Reefer Madness movie poster

Reefer Madness!

Reefer Madness movie poster

Movie Posters as Propaganda Posters

Cable network Showtime is set to premiere the movie musical Reefer Madness this month. The cable movie is a film version of the hit LA and … Read More...

Film Posters of the 50s movie poster book

Film Posters of the 50s: The Essential Movies of the Decade

Film Posters of the 50s movie poster book

Movie Posters of the Fifties book

Giant movie poster

In the 1950s the motion picture industry did battle with it’s newest and biggest rival: television. This meant … Read More...

My Fair Lady movie poster

The Peak of Poster Art

My Fair Lady movie poster

Movie Poster Illustrator Bob Peak

There is a very short list of famous movie poster illustrators: So far we’ve mentioned Drew Struzan, John Alvin, and Richard Amsel. Adding to this … Read More...

Attack of the 50ft Woman movie poster

Attack of the 50ft Woman

Attack of the 50ft Woman movie poster

The most famous B-movie poster of all time may be the poster one-sheet for the film Attack of the 50ft. Woman. The 1958 B-movie is about a rich … Read More...

Love and Kisses movie poster

X-Rated: Adult Movie Posters of the 60s and 70s

Love and Kisses adult film movie poster

Vintage Adult film posters

The X-Rated: Adult Movie Posters of the 60s and 70s book offers adult movie posters from the “golden age” of porn films in the … Read More...

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