Batman Begins… Again.

April 9, 2005posterwirePosters1
Batman Begins movie poster

Batman Begins movie poster

New Batman Begins movie poster

Warner Bros. has released a new Batman Begins movie poster for the upcoming franchise revival. The latest Batman Begins one-sheet follows the dark sepia tone treatment of the previous teaser posters. If you’ve been following the film’s ad campaign, you’ll notice they’ve gone a bit batty: flying bats seem to be everywhere in the marketing, including the posters. With so much emphasis on bats and putting the “goth” back in Gotham, the film is starting to look a bit like Bram Stoker’s Batman Begins.

Batman Begins movie poster

Batman Begins movie poster

Batman Begins movie poster

Batman Begins movie poster

Leaving comparisons to Dracula behind, it’s interesting how each set of films in the Batman franchise have worked to erase images of the previous incarnation. Tim Burton’s Batman series left behind the campiness of the 1960s Batman TV series. Joel Schumacher fought to erase the dark and corporate unfriendly Burton version with bold neon colors, psuedo fashion fetishism, and something McDonald’s could market on Happy Meals. We’ll have to wait until Batman Begins is released to know what tone director Christopher Nolan is going for, but we can assume there will not be lingering shots of large Bat cod-pieces and erect rubber nipples.

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  1. wirjoApril 12, 2005 at 10:21 PMReply

    Oo… I like this poster. Looks awesome.

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